A Very Useful Tool for Cognos Admins

MotioPI is a great (free) tool for Cognos Administrators.   If you are responsible for one or more Cognos environments, I highly recommend it.     In short, its designed to provide Cognos administrators an easy way to gain insight into the content and configuration in their content store.   

For example – you can quickly Find all Schedules associated with a given area of your content store,  Batch Validate a series of Cognos Reports, or quickly snapshot your various Cognos administrative settings (dispatchers, report services, etc.).

Note – by and large, the free version of MotioPI is read-only, the one exception being the Orphaned Objects panel – which lets you re-assign Cognos  content (e.g. My Folders data) to another user.   

Motio also has a professional version which lets you do mass updates to Cognos content / configuration (e.g. search and replace across many reports, bulk management of user preferences / group memberships, replicate properties across many Cognos objects, etc.).


Nice Consolidated HTML Version of All Cognos 8.4 Docs…

Here’s a nice, consolidated HTML version of all of the Cognos 8.4 docs. It seems to span all of the PDFs (Installation, Administration, Authoring, Modeling, etc), has a great, navigable table of contents on the left, and is searchable :


I like this far better than hopping between 15 PDF’s.

All Cognos Docs via HTML