FlipShare MinoHD “Camcorder Full” and “Camcorder Empty” Problem

We purchased one of those FlipShare MinoHD camcorders about a year ago, and I must say its a really nice little device. Very affordable, very small, easy to use, and makes great videos.

My wife was cleaning off some old videos the other day and somehow managed to get the device into an odd state in which its totally unusable. Here are the symptoms:

  • If you press the record button, you get a message saying “Camcorder full”.
  • If you press the trash button, you get a message saying “Camcorder empty”

So basically – you can’t record anything (because the MinoHD thinks its full), and you can’t empty the trash (because the MinoHD thinks its already empty). Awesome!

After a few minutes of debugging, I came to the following conclusion. When you plugin the MinoHD to your computer, it basically acts like a little hard drive (formatted as FAT32). It appears, that when in this unusable state, all of the videos that you thought you deleted are actually still on the drive, in its recycle bin.

On an XP Professional laptop with hidden files / folders turned on, you’ll see something like this (note all the large MP4 files still hanging out under the .Trash folder) :

FlipVideo Camcorder Full / Camcorder Empty problem

I simply deleted all the MP4 files that were still in this trash folder, then ejected the flipshare, and things went back to working fine for me.

Note – I was expecting to find an “empty recycle bin” type context option when right clicking on the drive or the .Trash folder, but didn’t see one.

To turn on hidden files / folders in windows explorer, you’d go to Tools | Folder Options, then press the View Tab. Make sure the “Show hidden files and folders” radio button is selected (this is one of the first thing I do anytime I’m dealing with a new Windows install).

Windows Explorer - Show Hidden Files and Folders