Confused by Cognos 8.4.1 Install Files…? This page can help.

It seems like in the last 9 months, the IBM acquisition of Cognos has really changed a lot of the way things are done for partners and customers. For example, the manner in which you get support and downloads has changed dramatically.

Maybe its just me, but finding the downloads for the Cognos product you want from the IBM support site seems much harder than it used to be, and when you do finally locate it, you now use “download director” to pull down all of the associated “assemblies”.

With Cognos 8.4.1, it seems like the actual installables have also changed quite a bit. Yesterday I pulled down 8.4.1 from the IBM support site, and once download director was done doing its thing, I was a bit taken aback by the number and names of files it pulled down (screenshot below).

At first glance, I’m guessing most will have no idea which of these files corresponds to the component, platform and version of the Cognos product they’re after. For example – its not immediately apparent that “CZA86ML.tar.gz” actually contains the install for “IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Server 32-bit 8.4.1 Windows Multilingual”.

Eventually I found this page on IBM’s site which helped clear up the confusion (partial screenshot below).


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