Launching Previously Run Webstart Apps Via The Java Control Panel

I’m a huge fan of Java WebStart.

Most people generally launch WebStart based apps by simply hitting a URL which pulls down a JNLP file. A JNLP file is simply an XML descriptor which describes the jars that make up the application, the main class, etc. Once the JNLP file is pulled in, Java takes over and will retrieve the specified jars and then launch the Java application.

To re-launch the app in the future, you can simply bookmark the original JNLP URL in your browser (note to MotioPI users – you can simply bookmark the original URL sent via email and do this with MotioPI).

But suppose you’re in disconnected mode (perhaps waiting in the airport, or on a plane). You can still launch previously executed WebStart based applications by using the Java Control Panel.

If you’re using Windows XP, you can get to this via Start | Control Panel, then double click on the “Java” icon.

Step 1 - Launch Java Control Panel

This will launch the Java Control Panel. From there, select the “View” button (bottom right).

Step 2 - Select the View Button

This will open the Java Cache Viewer. You should have an entry for each WebStart app that you’ve previously run (screenshot below):

Step 3 - Java Cache Viewer

From here, you can right click on any of the cached WebStart apps and do things such as :

  • Run the application
  • Create a shortcut on your desktop to launch the app (so it behaves like a typical client side app)
  • Show the JNLP File
  • Delete the App

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