A way to get true Symbolic Links on Windows…

Its always really annoyed me that Windows “shortcuts” to folders don’t truly behave like Unix / Linux symbolic links. I’ve been especially annoyed by this recently, since I’ve been forced to use Outlook Web Access for one of my clients, and when you try to attach a file to an email message in OWA, if you try to navigate through a shortcut to a folder, rather than actually navigate to the target folder it will “attach” the shortcut to the message. Sigh…

I just realized that the sysinternals suite has a utility called Junction which will let you create a true symbolic link to a directory on Windows. Sweet!

I have always been very fond of the sysinternals tools… Process Explorer and Tcpview are probably the ones I’ve gotten the most mileage out of. Many thanks to Mark Russinovich for this excellent suite of utilities.


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