XP Tip: “right-click on file and send-to cygwin tail”

During a typical “development” day, there are many times when I want to “start a tail” on some arbitrary log file. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just right-click on a file in Windows Explorer and start a tail on it…? Here’s how.

First, we create a simple 1 line batch file called “startTailOn.cmd”. The batch file will expect a single parameter (the path to the file).

      start "tail on %1" c:\dev\cygwin\bin\tail.exe -n 1000 -f %1

This batch file simply starts a new command prompt with a title of “tail on “, and then executes the cygwin tail command on the specified file.

Now we just need to add a shortcut to our batch file to our Windows “send to” menu (shown when you right click on a item in Windows Explorer). To add a new action to your “send to”, you just need to add a shortcut to the action in the SendTo folder in your home directory (e.g. mine is at C:\Documents and Settings\lhankins\SendTo).

So in keeping with our earlier example, we’ll add a shortcut here to our “startTailOn.cmd” file (as depicted below).

add shortcut on sendto

Note – you can rename the default shortcut name of “Shortcut to startTailOn.cmd” to just “tail”.

That’s it. Now suppose we right click on d:\temp\boot.log and select our new “send to tail” action :

tail on log

The only shortcoming here is that the batch file we created will barf if the path to the in question has spaces in it (the part that fails is the ‘window title’ argument to the ‘start’ command). I generally keep a second batch file on my SendTo menu to handle these cases, e.g. “startTailOnPathWithSpaces.cmd”.

   start "tail" c:\dev\cygwin\bin\tail.exe -f %1

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